royal hamadryad hospital

    Location: Newport, South Wales

    Contract Duration: 6 Months

    Type of Work: Bricklaying and Diamond Drilling

Downs Construction was awarded the contract to demolish sections of internal walls and build in concrete lintels into the existing brickwork in order to form single and double doorways. The contract included internal building work such as: temporary propping of walls; construction of new walls in keeping with the existing build; general brickwork repairs and building of all boundary walls.

The diamond drilling division carried out floor sawing and cut out sections of concrete floor in order for escape hatches to be built into the complex. The division also carried out all diamond drilling of 35 - 225mm holes (for cables and pipes) and all wall chasing.

Bricklaying and Brickwork repairs on Royal Hamadryad hospital Wall chaseing on LudlowRoadMentalHealth on Royal Hamadryad hospital Floor Sawing through reinforced concrete floors on Royal Hamadryad hospital Drilling through Brickwork completed on Royal Hamadryad hospital