edward england wharf

    Location: Cardiff, South Wales

    Contract Duration: 2 Months

    Type of Work: Diamond Drilling

This first half of the project involved forming openings for doors and windows through blue pennant stone walls to the building gable end. This was carried out by cutting two 300mm wide chases through the 600mm thick walls. Stone work was removed within the chased areas, which allowed bricklayers to tooth out the end of walls to form the stone work reveals and arch them to the underside of the roof. The centre area of door way was then cut out carefully to ensure the arch was supported at all times. The second half of project required diamond drilling 150mm diameter holes through reinforced concrete floors, at an angle of 45 degrees and at a depth of 1500mm for service pipes.

Concrete cutting windows and door opening Edward England, Cardiff Concrete cutting through blue pennant stone Edward England, Cardiff Wall Sawing through reinforced concrete walls Edward England, Cardiff Floor Sawing through reinforced concrete floors Edward England, Cardiff